Minutes for April 2023 General Meeting


Brian Mitchell
Courtney Menikheim
David Holt
George Raber
Heather Nicholson
Hema Goplan
Ike Kiefer
Jim Steil
Johnathan J. Simon
Karen Clark

Kayla Stan
Kelly Wegmann
Kerri Elise
Kristyn Gunter
LaTashee McLaurin
Lillian Victory
Preston White
Robert Winkler
Sean Hodges
Steve Walker


Spatial Distribution of the Belief in Climate Change in the United States by Kelly Wegmann of the University of Southern Mississippi

Board Announcements

  • GEO Jobe taking over NORRIS contract to provide 24/7 support to Esri
    • Esri’s call center is moving to Mississippi
  • Heather Nicholson joined GEO Jobe as a Solutions Engineers on 27 March
  • USM has established a badge for GIS, as well as one for Remote Sensing
  • USM’s film program has received a grant to do a documentary on all “science” along the coast

General Announcements

    • Getting more local data (addresses, parcels, and subdivisions)
    • For approximately 32 counties
    • Will be adding to their website
  • City of Hattiesburg is getting a Special Achievement in GIS award this year
  • Central MS Planning & Development District, Inc. is hiring a GIS Analyst

June General Meeting

  • June 9th
  • Time will be at 12:30 PM
  • Location – On the coast, Specifics TBD
  • Call for Presenters
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